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CJG Intern


While interning with Creative Juice Group (CJG) not a day goes by when there is a dull moment. We work with the music blasting to get our creative juices flowing throughout the day in the office. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t had much experience in the event/entertainment industry. However, since my internship experience began, I have kept an open mind and done each task to the best of my ability. I really enjoy coming in everyday and working with a great team! Creative Juice Group is very unique in what they do for their clients by creating live entertainment. In our Philadelphia office, there are only a few of us so even though we like to have fun, work must be done whether it is: organizing all the inventory to make loading for each event easier, dressing up in costume while being professional, or doing some administrative work. Having a supervisor that loves what she does and takes pride in her work rubs off on us as her employees, making us want to have the aspirations of becoming the best while enjoying what it is we do!

– Lauren Nieraeth


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